Jibs from the past year


April 28, 2010

Another book fair comin up, the montreal Anarchist bookfair. Sounds good, see you there.



March 2, 2010

Happy new year! Zine Team's going to be at Chicago Zine Fest.


It's Saturday, March 13 2010.

Look out for Mary she's going to be represntinnnnn!


meanwhile, maybe some zines will be out an about at the Anarchist Bookfair in SF, it's the same weekend as Chicago Zine Fest. If I could be in two places at once I'd be stoked.



Novemeber 27, 2009

Mary and I are in Massachusetts. Dodger is here too, he also goes by Snoop but more like snoopin around not like Snoopy or Snoop Dogg (but he is a dog). Speaking of cool dogs, that's Maya down a few photos at the bottom of the page. She made herself at home in Spencer's car and on a boat in a lake.

This is Moleson pup. He's the son of a mole so he drinks Canadian beer every lunch break.



September 16, 2009

A new website is in the works...!



September 2, 2009

Zine Fest was sweet!

It was great to see friends from last year, and meet new buddies! We had a bunch of new zines from our team.. and more to come. We may try to hit up the expo for independent arts in September, we'll keep you updated.

Thanks for checking in, and check us out in the real world too. We're there more often than on the net. If you want a zine you can hold, flip through, keep, or pass on, we're down to trade. Send us emails. If one of us doesn't reply, try another!

Until next time, here's some Sweet Tooth for those ears:



August 17, 2009

SF Zine Fest is coming up which means Zine Team's going to be sittin behind a table of gooodies! It's Saturday and Sunday, August 22&23, 2009


At 9th Ave and Lincoln!


A lovely summer road journey through the northwest.


April 16, 2009

It's an update! We're irrespoinsible website owners! Happy Birthday Michele!!!!!


December 9, 2008

Sorry it's been so long since we've provided you with some new news... ewww we're blowin it with updating the site.

But Zine Team's been killin it, Sveta was part of the SFAI winter art sale, Ray screenprinted Lift Up the Couch II, the Oakland chapter is working on a new issue of Brain Drain, Mary and Orion are freezing in Chicago, Brooke finished her first zine for the North Beach Art Walk, Spencer never stops printing shirts, and Horseman went on a spiritual journey in a redwood tree for a week. Everything's crazy and soon the year's going to end!


Stay tuned! Once we get back in school we'll be able to update the site again! We'll have new zines, and we'll show you our fine art prints. Plus probably some other cool things like handmade crayon-wax candles, Harvey's radass sculptural objects, and hopefully some new films.



Sweet dreams, love, Zine Team


October 12, 2008

Come out and support Zine Team at this year's North Beach Art Walk.

Walk around North Beach and look out for maps (somewhere). The maps will list open studios with people showing and selling their art.



Zine Team will be set up at 2331 Jones St, in between Lombard and Chestnut. That's right by SFAI if you're in the neighborhood.

We will be set up to show you sweet prints, some zines, super rad printed clothing and other hand made goods.

Hope to see you there!


September 22, 2008

The tables at the Alternative Press Expo were sold out by the time we got our funds raised, so you might spot us outside pretending to be having a picnic, trying to sell you some Zine Team goodies.

School's back in session so for now, the task of making new zines is on the backburner. However, we are making a lot of new prints... and they're fancy cookies.


August 29, 2008

We've been making progress on as well as off the site.

It's crazy to make a website, it's an epic wormhole. So try to get sucked in; click around. All the zines have detail pages, with more zines coming soon. The clothes pages are looking good. Meanwhile, the Infinity part of the site is getting there...

We're debating on getting a table at the Alernative Press Expo here in SF during the month of November. We would have to have a bake sale or something to raise money for a table.

Or we could sell some art.. Keep an eye out for us selling cheap art! We would be at sunny spots like Dolores Park and the city's sweetest sidewalks. Maybe toursits in Fisherman's Wharf would pay top dollar to support authentic SF artists.

We'll post here once we plan on showing up somewhere with art for sale.

Check back, and definitely come and check us out in the wild when we're there!


August 11, 2008

We've just started the Zine Team website. We know its not much yet, but it should start looking better every day. putting together a website is tough, especially with such little experience. This is Horseman. He is America's president.


Hopefully the Zine Team website will be fun. We'll try to keep it updated with new jibs, photos, videos, ect... If more people start stopping in to check out the site we can start photo contests and such. For right now we're just moving in, and it doesn't quite feel like home yet.


Pretty soon all of the Zine Team will be able to post jibs, but for now its just us (Ray and Sveta) posting as we get the site finished.


Thanks for visiting ZineTeam.net, we hope you enjoy our website.

-Ray, and Sveta